Having a camera in her hands since she was eight, Sarah has always been drawn to capturing moments in life. As a kid, her photographs amassed as did her collection of vintage cameras, intrigued by the amazing process of photography.  This led to her learning how to photograph, develop, and print photos starting in high school and continuing into college.

A student at Montana State University in Bozeman for three years, Sarah expanded her knowledge of studio lighting, post-production techniques, and film – but photographing life in natural lighting still is her calling.

Sarah’s education spanned art & design — from photography, to graphic and industrial design, earning her BS from Towson University in Visual Communications/Graphic Design (2000) and a BA in Industrial Design Technologies (2010) and she’s worked as a designer, photographer and creator across numerous realms.

In addition to the summit of Kilimanjaro, Sarah’s travels have taken her Mount Everest base camp, India, China, and many other countries in southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America and across North America.

Sarah Ewalt is based in the Big Sky Country in Montana. Comments/questions? Visit the contact page.